Flower delivery to Moscow
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Flowers delivery

We care for you spend minimum of your time to make an order, so we simplified the order form.

You can just call on following phone numbers: +7 (495) 517-74-30 or you can denote your phone number and your name using E-mail: buket@flowerstoday.ru .

After this our manager will connect with you and he or she will arrange the application independently.

It will be necessary for you to indicate an appropriate kind of payment cash or non-cash (VISA/MasterCard, Yandex-money or web money).

If you chose cash, so after registration of an order a messenger comes to your place in time convenient for you and he will accept the payment of an order and he also will define more exactly the term and the place of deliverance. Then another messenger will bring just created bouquet to the appointed place in proper time.

When you pay in non-cash we give you a reduction at the rate of 5% of the cost of a bouquet (this service is not in effect from March 7 to March 9).