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Rendering of services conditions

Dear customers, please read following conditions of services before you will make a decision to buy our goods.

1. All the information about a Client and an Addressee we receive from a Client must be used for correct fulfillment of an order only and it never can be passed to strangers. An Addressee gets any information about a Client only from a text of the subjoined post card.

2. You have the right to reject prepaid order less than 24 hours before the term of a delivery order. For that you are to contact us by telephone, which you can find on our web site, and you are let us know your passport data. After that you receive the sum at the rate of 50% of the paid-up order value

We ask you inform us by telephone about the prepaid order rejection in good time (!) (less than 24 hours before the term of a delivery order). The rejection delivered by E-mail or other means of communication may be ineffective and we do not deal with it.

3. You can reject the order if a delivered bouquet is inconsistent with the one that was indicated in the order form, or the bouquet is defective.

4. You must be extremely careful when making an order so that messenger service can have all correct and right information about the delivery order.

Any claims from the part of a Client with the purpose of return the order can be considered when the order is fulfilled (when goods are delivered to an Addressee, see the term 5 of these service conditions). Later on any order is reckoned as a fulfilled one and no claims will be accepted.

5. The order is consider fulfilled in following cases:

a) If goods are delivered to an Addressee indicated in the order form;

b) An Addressee is not available to the indicated address and goods are delivered to relatives, friends or acquaintances of an Addressee for posterior delivery to an Addressee;

c) An Addressee together with any person that could pass goods is not available to the address indicated in the order form;

d) There is no free and unhampered access to the location of an Addressee and there is no possibility to connect with an Addressee. In accordance with clauses c) and d) of this regulation goods cannot be delivered to an Addressee but nevertheless an order is considered as a fulfilled one. The delivered goods themselves will be returned to our office where they will be stored during the day since the time of an order fulfillment. During this period of time you can contact us and messenger will deliver the goods repeatedly but you must pay in addition (this condition should be agreed separately by telephone number indicated on our web site).

In some cases we reserve to ourselves the right to replace flowers and package materials by equivalent ones subject to keeping them in general appearance, colour spectrum and cost of the whole flower composition.

We reserve to ourselves the right to change all the information placed on our web site without any notice delivered to Clients.